Thomas Khammeung Manokoune (Tamong)

- Kmhmu ethnic group from Xiengkhouang, Laos

- Retired Social worker, California, USA

- Previous public administrator, Laos

- Founder of Khmu National Federation (KNF) in USA.

- Working on Kmhmu Verbal Art in USA

- Organizing Kmhmu New Year in USA

- Working on Kmhmu alphabet with French missionaries in 1964, Laos

- Elaborating and modifying Kmhmu alphabet

- Writing a Kmhmu alphabet teaching book

- Writing a sample of ritual prayer book for Kmhmu New Year

- Teaching Kmhmu(alphabet) in USA


- Institute of Laws and Administration, Laos

- University of Oklahoma City, OK, USA, (MA)


- To preserve Kmhmu’s culture

- To educate Kmhmu and other people

- To communicate in Kmhmu

- To write and record Kmhmu folklores and histories

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